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Repair and strengthen damaged teeth

Dentistry at Sullivan Crown


Indubitably, a ceramic dental crown stands as a steadfast guardian, poised to shield and fortify weakened or damaged teeth, allowing them to persevere in their noble duty of functionality while radiantly illuminating your smile for countless years into the future. Within Dentistry at Sullivan, our distinguished team of dental experts holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise that enables them to discern certain critical circumstances wherein the installation of a dental crown becomes a judicious and prudent course of action, ensuring optimal oral health and aesthetic appeal. Thus, let us delve into the myriad scenarios wherein our esteemed dentists may wholeheartedly recommend the placement of a dental crown:

Firstly, when faced with teeth that have been weathered down, eroded, or otherwise distressingly worn, our proficient dentists recognize the efficacy of dental crowns in rejuvenating their strength and resilience, bestowing upon them a renewed lease on life, and ensuring their continued efficacy in performing their essential duties.

Secondly, in the unfortunate event of teeth fracturing or shattering due to accidental trauma, the implementation of a dental crown emerges as a compelling solution, seamlessly mending the broken pieces and restoring the tooth's structural integrity, while simultaneously reviving its aesthetic allure.

Thirdly, when confronted with a sizable cavity that has compromised a significant portion of the tooth's natural structure, our skilled dental professionals adeptly utilize dental crowns to diligently and artfully fill the void, safeguarding the remaining tooth from further decay and offering a durable, long-lasting resolution.

Fourthly, following a meticulous root canal procedure that successfully eradicates infection or resolves an underlying dental issue, our dedicated dentists understand the paramount importance of preserving the tooth's functionality and safeguarding it against potential future damage. In such cases, the application of a dental crown serves as the ideal final touch, expertly sealing and fortifying the treated tooth, while simultaneously upholding its appearance and ensuring a harmonious integration within your radiant smile.

Lastly, when embarking upon the transformative journey of dental implants, the crowning glory lies in the placement of a dental crown as the ultimate culmination. Serving as the final step of this awe-inspiring process, the dental crown flawlessly crowns the implant, seamlessly merging with your natural teeth and empowering you to relish in the resplendent beauty and functionality of a fully restored and complete dental arch.

Rest assured, our dental experts remain devoted to meticulously assessing your unique dental circumstances, employing their astute discernment to recommend the ideal application of a dental crown when warranted, enabling you to embark upon a voyage of dental vitality and aesthetic brilliance that will endure for years to come.

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